Saturday, June 26, 2010

Introduction to the blog

The current blog has been created for the course Regulations and Standards for Wireless Communication (OEL70) and it deals with the standardization of the 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) radio access network.

The blog is organized in three parts. In the first part the technology of LTE will be explained in a brief but as complete as possible way. Because of the proportionality of the standard, not all the topics can be covered. So please comments on posts and we will give further information on selected topics. Or, to the determined readers, we recommend to visit, where all the specifications of the standard can be downloaded for free.

The second part of the blog deals with the classification and the development of the standard. We will answer at the following questions: Is LTE a formal or a de facto standard? Is LTE an open or a proprietary standard? In what type of standardization organization is the standard being developed? How does the standard come about?

Finally, in the third part we will explain why in our opinion LTE is going to be a success and why it is going to win over WiMAX.

LTE is an hot and recent topic and we hope the reader will enjoy reading this blog. Once again, please comment on posts should you have any questions or requests.

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